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May 18-19, 2019
Virtual Experience 
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"There are a lot of teachers in the world of ecommerce... they move a couple of units of their product and then are the self-proclaimed expert and want to teach YOU how to do it. I'd rather learn from an implementor. Winning in ecommerce is so much more than launching a store and selling some products; customer journeys, upsells, cross-sells, store design, branding, and scaling traffic. That's why I recommend Hallie - she has sold 10's of thousands of her product and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing. Bonus- she's one of the nicest people I've met. High five yourself." 
- Cody, One Hour Funnel
“My business would not exist without the help and mentorship of Hallie! Her advice and guidance through this process has been invaluable...selling on the internet is a skill that takes certain calculated steps, in the correct order, backed up with the knowledge from years of experience. Hiring an expert like Hallie to do this for you one on one would cost thousands of dollars. This course is truly an amazing value!” 
- Beth, Standard Badge
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